During a vacation trip to Maui, my wife bought us a whale watching trip in an OC6 outrigger canoe. While on this incredible trip, I took a photo of one of our young guides, a Hawaiian paddler, who is at the front of the canoe maneuvering the boat with his paddle while we watched a Humpback whale that was sounding below us. He told us the males dive straight down to 400′ or so while singing. Their powerful sound echoes off the bottom for all to hear. Shortly after this, a Humpback calf the size of a big elephant swam literally right under our canoe. The entire experience rates right up there in the religious experience category!

In 2015, I painted this watercolour using one of the photos from that experience as a reference. If ever in Hawaii again, we will head to Kaanapali on Maui and hopefully they still offer these tours.


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