I am passionate about watercolour painting and am always thinking of my next painting project. Watercolour painting started, for me, many years ago with some small successes, at least to my own eye.

This hobby laid dormant for quite a few years while I pursued my career working as a helicopter pilot on the coast of British Columbia. In conjunction with my working career I always packed a 35mm camera with me during my flying travels throughout much of Canada. At one point, life positioned me in the middle of a construction mega project that required a professional photographer. I started a proprietorship business taking aerial photographs from helicopters I chartered from my employer. I developed colour photographs in a basement dark room. That in itself is another very long story for another day. My point is that I have been immersed in some type visual creativity my entire life.

In 2010, I revisited watercolour painting as visual ideas started blossoming when my photography dwindled off. I started another business, again more or less by accident, when another hobby became more serious… woodworking became custom furniture making and custom fine art framing. I retired from my helicopter flying and management career in 2019 and in between art framing turned into projects, I started more paintings. All this is because I hate TV commercials and wasting time watching them drives me crazy.

Please visit the selected paintings from the past and present that follow in the attached posts: